International Buyers


  • Foreigners can obtain real estate land for residential purpose if they invest for more than 40 Million Thai Baht in Thailand. The size of the land must not be more than 1 Rai. The investment in Thailand shall be economically and socially benefiting to Thailand, or shall be is related to the investment promotion by the Board of Investment. Investment period must not be less than three years. The acquiring land must be in the residential area under the city planning law.
  • For foreigners who are married to a Thai national and wish to acquire real estate land in Thailand, the foreigners and his/her Thai spouses shall provide written letters stating that money used to acquire the property is of the Thai spouse personal asset and not the marriage asset.
  • With a registered company in Thailand, foreigners can also buy land or a house.


Under Condominium Act B.E. 2522 (1979), any foreigners can acquire freehold ownership of the condominium unit and common property co-ownership. 49% of the total floor area of a condominium building can be acquired by foreigners.


Lease of condominiums and freehold land can be registered with the Land Department. The duration of leases is 30 years, after which the lease term can be renewed. Such long-term lease can refer to the lease of land for commercial and industrial purposes.